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Primal Pet

Primal Pet

Our commitment to our customers and their beloved pets is to provide the highest quality raw pet foods and treats using only ingredients of the highest quality and origin. We have secured strong, long-term relationships with all of our vendors who humanely raise, sustainably grow and responsibly process all of the proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, and unrefined food-based vitamins and minerals in our products.

No Grain Grass Fed
No Gluten Veg Fed
No Corn, Wheat, or Soy Wild Caught
No Ingredients from China      
Ethically Raised
No Synthetic Vitamins Manufactured in the USA        
No Steroids USDA Meats & Poultry
No Added Hormones
USDA Certified Organic
No Antibiotics
Humanely Sourced
Cage Free
Sustainably Sourced
No Crates (for Pork)  

Items may not be sold on third party e-commerce sites (such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, etc) without prior authorization from MANUFACTURER.